Eine Tagung des Europäischen Instituts für Journalismus- und Kommunikationsforschung e.V. (EIJK) in Kooperation mit dem European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) und der University of Education (PH Schwäbisch Gmünd)

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Martin Hoffmann

Martin Hoffmann is a journalist and researcher with the European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research (EIJC). He conducted an ECPMF-Fact Finding Mission on the massively increased number of attacks on German journalists since 2015, which are related to the “Lying-Press-debate” and the rise of right-wing populist movements. The report was widely considered in media and politics, e.g. in German Parliament (Bundestag) and Publisher Association of Germany (BDZV). Aside from that he investigates the contradiction of independence and control of public-service broadcasters in Europe in his PhD thesis at EIJC. He also works as editor for the daily news magazine “heutejournal” at the Second German Television (ZDF) in Mainz. Martin Hoffmann studied Political Sciences and Cultural Studies at the European University Frankfurt /Oder and in Iasi/Romania (B.A.) and Journalism in Leipzig (M.A.).